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Have you been bored of the daily routines in Athens and want to “escape”, even for one night?

Mykonos crosses your mind and you sort of like the idea … but you wonder whether you can find a room to rent in Mykonos at the last minute, not to mention how much the rate may amount to! Seajets takes you out of this thought, giving you the opportunity to go to Mykonos and experience the best of it by partying as much you want and, the most important, from 4 am you can just go to sleep in the cabin of the ship waiting for you at the harbor until morning and throughout the return journey.

Here is how you can do it….




Departure from Rafina – 16:30

You book your tickets with Aqua Blue, which departs every Tuesday & Thursday from Rafina. The party begins as soon as you get onboard; in fact, the ship’s entertainment hall will welcome you with Hot music from the DJ! #yesplease (As an alternative, you can go to your cabin so as you can feel relaxed in Mykonos).
Your trip to Mykonos is an enjoyable experience.



Depart from Mykonos. 06:35

Aqua Blue departs for Rafina, you and your company have gone to bed … and we take over for your return trip 😉



Arrival to Mykonos

You arrived in Mykonos in the most pleasant mood at the high time, the party is about to begin. You have free time to spend and unlimited choices to meet your satisfaction, to walk through the cobblestoned alleyways, dance, listen to the music that cheers you and spend an unforgettable evening with your group of friends.
At 4 am, Aqua Blue will be there waiting for you … your cabin and bed will be in place and ready to welcome you.











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